To strengthen the diversity of content on public television, the OPMA includes a system of production, adquisition and distribution of audiovisual materials "Una voz con todos."

"Una voz con todos" (A voice with everybody), is a proposal, a concept, and a chance to encounter with people and celebrate the diversity of people, cultures, knowledge and thoughts. It is a guide to the production we undertake, an orientation that leads to the exploration and discovery of our socio-cultural, educational, and human surroundings.

"Una voz con todos" is a route and adventure for the promotion and construction of a full and responsible citizenship.

The Audiovisual content is distributed through various open and free digital channels. Content is also transmitted via internet platforms, such as streamiing, and on-demand applications or mobile devices.

"Una voz con todos" aims to provide an audiovisual alternative which requires an informed, reflective, and participatory citizinship. It also aims to create an open promotion of education, culture and social integration that is referenced in the many voices of our diverse and pluralistic society.